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Welcome to our store. Here you’ll find some goodies that we designed and curated in our office while excited on too many burgers and pizzas. We promise* that buying these items will make you the coolest friend, the coolest startup buddy, the coolest whatever you want to be. The type of person investors would be proud of. So, do it for investors.
*We can’t promise this, please don’t contact our legal department. 😀

We do satire and motivation at the same time. Hopefully, you will get the humor right, further.

What is Startup Style?

From day one, Startup Style has been about celebrating entrepreneurship with kick-ass entrepreneurs who try to make this society a better place. The people who take huge risks and fail time after time, but continue to pick themselves up to hustle again. Our brand is about these people. We share their passion and use it as rocket fuel to create each tee and product you see on our site.

Startup Style was anti established in 2013 with no vision, no business plan, and no name. We just had this idea in mind and always wanted to execute it.

We make motivational and fun startup products; we do gatherings, work with startups & communities when they want to do impressive work. Recently we have been doing a lot of projects including branding, communication, event coverage, distribution, marketing all rolled into one (we are trying to think of a name for someone who does all that but no luck yet).
Trying to keeping it simple!

Women Entrepreneurs with Girl Boss Notebook

This website was partially designed by people who were not into entrepreneurship, so we have tried to keep things as pure as they possibly can be. *Seriously serious* Since you know how passionate we are about startups and entrepreneurship, now. For those who dare to dream big!

Startup Style HQ

Welcome To SS Kartar Nagar.

The first thing that you notice about our office is that it is not South Delhi’s fancy office, which should not surprise you because we are based out of East Delhi. We took the strategic decision to turn our home to the office because the previous co-working space seat where we worked out of central Delhi was beginning to feel kind of costly. (please note this is possibly the only time in the entire website where we have used strategic and decision word in the same sentence).

For those who don’t know, Kartar Nagar is the most advanced and well planned entrepreneurial estate in Delhi. For those who are aware… there is no point in lying to you since you know already! We salute all those who manage to reach our home cum office without messaging or call at least thrice. All those who tried and failed to arrive, we understand entirely.

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