Bulk & Custom Orders

Kaavyanjali Prasad

Wear Your Story

We print custom t-shirts, notebooks, badges and coffee mugs that help you get your message into the entrepreneurial world. Think of them as incredibly soft and remarkably fashionable canvases for your brand.

Want to make your startup launch party, or success bash fun and memorable for years to come? Perhaps you want to gift your teammates a superb set of startup tees for their welcome! Whatever the occasion, you’ve come to the right destination!

You’re not a legit startup event if you don’t make your super cool festival merch and wear it with pride, some thing you’ll cherish for years to come (and keep sponsors happy). Let’s us make life a little easier for you by handling all your merchandise needs- from design to delivery!

HRs and Admins of the nation- awesome news for you guys! Planning the next office gathering? Festive season coming up and you’re searching for fun gifting options? Our in-house design team can also help add a little fun to the merchandise.

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